Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow Days

I didn't leave the house for about four days straight. I did nothing the Saturday before the snowstorm except watch football and the same went for Sunday. The heavy snow came on Sunday night and I wasn't able to leave the house until Wednesday afternoon. Then I couldn't come home until Thursday afternoon because it got cold enough to re-freeze on Wednesday night and it was too dark to try to drive in those conditions. I basically watched television, read sports articles and played Zelda that week, working in a little bit of exercise on the stationary bike when I was in the mood. It was nice to have an extra week off before the start of the semester but it became very boring not being able to go anywhere for that long. I began to get a little bit of cabin fever and it was very frustrating trying to drive with that much ice on the roads. I was really hoping that no one else would be on the roads in case I started to slide. Since when do we get that much snow in Georgia?